Most of the equipment at the Steel City Fiber Collective is available on a first come, first served basis. You may always call us at 412-362-7222 if you want to verify that the equipment you wish to use is available.

Some equipment, however, requires significant setup time and cannot be easily used by more than one person.  For this equipment we take reservations and strongly suggest you reserve a loom or knitting machine for the length of your project. Equipment you may reserve includes the three floor looms in the Loom Room (48″ 8-Shaft Beka, 36″ Harrisville Designs 8-Shaft, 36″ Nilus LeClerc 4-Shaft) and the Silver Reed SK240 Knitting Machine.

Reservations may be made by calling the SCFC at (412)362-7222 or emailing


  • Floor looms may be reserved for up to 4 weeks at a time, with a minimum reservation of two days.
  • The knitting machine may be reserved for up to a week at a time with a minimum reservation of one day.
  • Projects remaining on equipment without an active reservation may be removed at the SCFC’s discretion.
  • Members and non-members alike may reserve the looms or knitting machine; however, non-members will be required to purchase a day pass for each day of their reservation (even if they do not work on the equipment that day). Likewise, members must maintain their membership for the duration of their reservation.
  • Please include the setup time for your equipment in your reservation, even if you are using the SCFC’s warping service.
  • Days the SCFC is not open are not included in your reservation.
  • Should you complete your project early, the SCFC will refund the remaining days of your reservation.
  • Should you need to extend your reservation, the SCFC is happy to do so, assuming the equipment is not reserved for another customer.


Members: no additional cost, although membership must be maintained for the duration of the reservation.

Non-members: day pass + $5 for each day of the reservation.


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