Private Parties and Instruction

Do you want to have your birthday party at the Steel City Fiber Collective?  Have you been interested in one of our classes, but can never make the time it’s scheduled? A private party or private instruction might be right for you.  We offer three levels of instruction with a basic pricing structure for private classes taught by one of the SCFC founders.  If you wish a class with another of our instructors, prices may vary.

Level I II III
Example Classes
  • Learn to Knit
  • Learn to Crochet
  • Zoom Loomin’
  • Basic Drop Spinning
  • Wheel Spinning
  • Knitting Colorwork
  • Weaving on a Rigid Heddle Loom
  • Learn to Dye
  • Fiber Preparation
  • Weaving on a Floor Loom
  • Spinning Art Yarns
Pricing $15/hour + $15 per person + materials $25/hour + $15 per person + materials $35/hour + $15 per person + materials


Our classes make fabulous parties for kids or adults.  Bring your own refreshments, and we will take care of the rest.  Our parties typically last 2 hours, and participants will bring home the results of their crafting.

Here are some party ideas:

CD Drop Spindles: Make a dCD Drop Spindlerop spindle from a CD and dowel, then learn to spin on it.  Participants will take home their drop spindle and some wool to spin.  Suitable for ages 8 and up with adult supervision. Cost for a 10-person party: $230.P1015215

Zoom Loomin‘: Partygoers will learn to make small woven squares on a zoom loom.  Participants will take home at least two woven coasters.  Suitable for ages 8 and up with adult supervision.  Cost for a 10-person party: $190.

Learn to Dye: Dye a scarf, skein of yarn, or silk tie using handpainting or shibori techniques.  Participants will take home their damp finished product.  Suitable for ages 12 and up with adult supervision.  Cost for a 10-person party: $300.

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