Finishing Services

Love knitting, but hate finishing? Let the Steel City Fiber Collective block, weave in the ends, and seam your project. We will return it to you beautifully packaged and ready to gift.

Warping Services

Weaving is an incredible fiber art, but many people find that warping a loom is tedious. If you wish to just sit down and get started weaving, we can do the warping for you. Use this lovely tool from Weavolution to calculate how much warp you will need.  Provide us with the warping pattern and warp yarn you wish to use and we will have your loom all warped and ready for you to begin your weaving project. Please note that you must include a day (or two! if necessary) for warping the loom as part of your loom reservation.

If you prefer, you may be present while we warp your loom, so that you may learn to do this yourself. You may also reduce the cost of the warping service by providing us with a premeasured warp.


All services cost $25/hour.  Please remember that this is skilled labor. We will do our best to give you a good faith estimate of how much we expect your service to cost, and will expect a 50% deposit before starting the service.

Time Estimate
Cost estimate

Finishing socks including kitchenering the toe, weaving in ends, and blocking
1 hour

Finishing a pieced adult sweater including weaving in ends, blocking to specifications, and seaming the sweater together
4 Hours

Blocking (or reblocking) an intricate lace shawl
2 hours

Preparing a measured warp
1-2 hours

Warping for 100 ends of plain tabby weave with a premeasured warp
90 minutes

Warping for 350 ends of complex weave with a premeasured warp
4 hours

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